For sale!

Available soon
Available soon

Due to new ambitions and future adventures, we have decided to put our lovely apartment up for sale!

The apartment is available as of today and the handover can be done on very short notice

You can find all the relevant apartment information here: link or you can take the virtual tour here!

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What it feels like..

We understand the challenges one faces when finding a new home. Often descriptions and still images aren’t sufficient to make you feel what it’s like to be in the house or apartment. Therefore, we are now adding 360-degree images of the apartment to our website, so you can experience, in detail, the rooms before actually being in one. For instance, the master bedroom :

Enjoy our full Virtual Tour on this page!

Also available on Airbnb

If you just want to experience the comfort of All-Lakes, please be advised you can now also reserve and book the apartment using the Airbnb platform. Easy, secure and quick, although at an Airbnb premium. As always, booking directly through our website is the most cost efficient way!

Check it out at:

All-Lakes Apartment Noorderplassen Almere

Booked for the month of October

Sorry, we’re booked

As per this weekend, the apartment is booked until the end of October and will be available again per November 1st. Keen to call All-Lakes your next home? Be sure to book it on time!


Available per October 1st!

Wonderful 2-bedroom and one office space, fully furnished split-level apartment in the Noorderplassen district of Almere.

  • Private entry, apartment on two levels (no neighbouring apartments other than ground floor)
  • Private parking with gate;
  • Roof terrace
  • Storage space

Sizeable apartment (117m2) with private entrance and a secluded and partially covered roof terrace. Fully furnished with beautiful contemporary furnishing, complete kitchen and bathroom with both a shower and a bath.

Livingroom relax, you’re at home!

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So here we are..

Throughout my career, I have been travelling extensively and the number of times I have moved house cannot be counted on my fingers and toes combined: a lot! And while travelling, I made some sort of shortlist of aspects that made me feel comfortable, at ease, even at home, whilst staying in another country.
The place needs to be clean, safe and comfortable. I state comfortable instead of luxurious, since luxury sometimes clashes with feeling comfortable. It needs to have a parking, an outdoor (I prefer a terrace over a garden due to the lack of maintenance), a separate office space, a shower and a bath, shops close by and close to nature. Ah, and I love water, so a place close to the water is a big plus.
Guess what? I now bought exactly one of those spots! Not for me to use, but for me to share with you. This furnished apartment is for rent to those that travel extensively, need to be in the Netherlands for 6 to 24 months and want to feel at home. Being an expat is hard work, so you need to feel safe, secure, rested and you do not want to look for parking space at the end of the day. You want enough space to celebrate the wins, the travels, the successes with friends and co-workers, or you just want to watch a movie with your loved one.
We aim to provide you with just that spot, so reach out to us and we’ll get you settled right in! Welcome to All-Lakes!
Cheers, Hugo